Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What do I sign up as? 

Sales Leaders include sales professionals and sales managers from the channel or Cox Business. Once you choose the organization category you belong to, you need to sign up as either a Sales Manager or Sales Professional.

  • Sales Managers  have access to all the sales resources in the Schools and Sales Toolkit. They also have the ability to form teams and track certification progress of their team members. Sales Managers cannot join other teams.
  • Sales Professionals  have access to all the sales resources in the Schools and Sales Toolkit. They also can join any team of a Sales Manager. Sales Professionals can only be a part of ONE team. If a sales profrofessional already joined a Sales Manager’s team, they cannot join another one.

IT professionals are looking to learn about cloud technology but don’t have any intentions of selling cloud. Choose this path if you are not in sales and just USE cloud technology. Note that IT professionals will not have access to the Sales Toolkit or the certifications.

2) What does the “teams” functionality do and who can create them?

If you oversee a group of sales professionals and would like to monitor their certification competions, you can form a team to keep track of their progress. Only Sales Managers can form teams.

3) As a Sales Manager, how do I form a team?

In order to invite a team member in your group, you must send them a team link, which is located on the top of your dashboard. See instructions here:

Cox Sales Managers

Channel Sales Managers

4) What if I want certain team members in my group, but they already signed up for TLA?

In order for team members to show up in a Sales Manager’s dashboard, they need to register through the Sales Manager’s team link.

If team members did NOT use the team link to sign up, then the Sales Manager would need to email a list of those members (and their emails) to admin@technologyleadership.academy. The admin will need to manually place each member into the Sales Manager’s team on the back end.

5) Who can access the certification tracks?

Only Sales Managers and Sales Professionals can access the certifications.

6) Who do I contact if I’m having any issues logging in or accessing content in TLA?

Please email admin@technologyleadership.academy if you experience any issues logging in, accessing content, or if you have any immediate questions.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve this platform. If you experience any glitches or have any suggestions to make your user experience better, please feel free to contact us and share. We appreciate any feedback.

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